Ventriloquism: Arbitrariness henceforth DyE’s Hole in Ocean videoclip

By: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz


Eight million visits to a videoclip from a musician with many less sold discs than, for example, Daft Punk.
A great number.
The animated production was done for the single Fantasy. But it’s a peace that it’s worth of stare. The impulse could come from the image’s noise that goes with it…, and from those we certainly could say something. (The truth is that Pulp sticks, overall when, lets say, it amazes because of the format change or, better yet, like in this case, the change of field.)
From the phenomenon provoked by Fantasy, –enough. It just need that someone wants to watch it in order to increase the number.
This notes respond to another curiosity: Hole in ocean.



Here, Dalí. Walt Disney…
Matter of style, the way of the re-writing, and other –:


Lets see…
Destino… Its shooting started in 1945. Its release wasn’t until 2003. Salvador Dalí, Walt Disney, John Hench. There where problems with its financing because of the War World Two. After that, –the rescue, as a healthy collateral effect of the musical Fantasy 2000 new edition.
Many awards: After all it’s about a short film which currency… Anyway, we better stop, that could be another text by itself…
What did the film loose or what did it won with the game from Juan de Guillebon (DyE)?
It’s more than a manners issue. It moves on from the original theme, whose composer is the Mexican Armando Dominguez…
– And what does the French pretended? – What did it get?
Nothing remain nor the picture
A weird goes by any hole time
A weird goes by hole, oh
I was swimming in the future out now
And I hate to fade alone
Nothing remain nor the picture
A dream. Get lost beyond physics – death abstraction.
It’s not possible to die in a dream. Even though you don’t have any conscious control over a dream, it’s on its interior, in the very trance that we incarnate Cronos.
The apparition of the ideal creature before us (it worth to say, actually, inside us) to admire the symbols of our own constitution (of the instinctive, the culture, the elevated and, between shadows, also what’s beneath; the sublime and the pervert, etcetera) it could not be more than… masturbation. – Once again, abstraction in pleasure.
Love between Cronos and a mortal woman. – Eagerness of plenitude. Because in the masturbation, does the illusion has limits?…
A weird goes by any hole time
A weird goes by hole, oh
All in all, is all we all are
We better go back to the first one.
Dance. (And what choreography, even more than dancers moving, it alters with what DyE has done.) In this sphere, you enjoy Dali’s sketch, not in spite, nether against it, but in a matter before and above the French composition, giving place to a new relation in the game:
The muse, that would be The Music, the melody in the time, it dresses with the texture of the own image, its definite feature: the shadow – dimension, measure and, therefor, – conscious time.
Meanwhile, like background: that tones – the paleness, of dead time.
The clouds irruption, those blink to El perro andaluz… Nothing really stops nether reaches to split the flow, the illusion of plenitude. The glances run away, the limbs lay down, everything like a long sigh…
It’s, however, a love story condemned to failure. You can have the feeling you can see it coming…
Illusion… From The great masturbator
The same shadows, and so many faces…


What is it that amaze from the game?
In which way it get Dalí closer and confuses to those who didn’t knew the Destiny…?
And, is it necessary to get him closer? (I think in, all of sudden, Aeon Flux.)
I think Pop… the avant-garde word. The 1945 year (!)… And, synthesizer on the background, in this label – cult


(Translation, by: Zindy Valencia)


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