Dreams of city and reality: About the proposal of Jeremy Mann

By: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz


Relating roads, destinations that are figurative at least, experiences, travel experiences  also through readings. In contrast to the images, these notes emerge:
Endings, and principles…
Thomas Wolfe’s greatest novel, Of Time and the River, concludes in a scene that matches in surprising measure with another, corresponding on the other hand to the beginning of the equally remarkable, immense, Call it Sleep, by Henry Roth. The return in one case, the first arrival, in the other. Firm land with the vastness of the ocean, a new opportunity, always. Suddenly (matters of light and rumors) we are also in a scene (or a shot, perhaps, by the grace of the periscope) of John Dos Passos…

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Like salt, and its shadows: A dialogue with Red Tweny

With: Lena Marin


The line, the stroke point to the pulse, but sometimes they speak for it. Tension, in these cases, is present throughout the finished work (which becomes a portal), recreates the process of its inception in reverse and reveals a purpose. A course.
If we remember that not all purpose implies necessarily knowledge, but always the urge to provoke a reaction, to confront and, in the best of cases, to question, then we can make ourselves an idea about how to open our senses to this wordless message.
With Red Tweny we have the opportunity to talk about this peculiar form of eloquence.

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