Ventriloquism: Arbitrariness henceforth DyE’s Hole in Ocean videoclip

By: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz


Eight million visits to a videoclip from a musician with many less sold discs than, for example, Daft Punk.
A great number.
The animated production was done for the single Fantasy. But it’s a peace that it’s worth of stare. The impulse could come from the image’s noise that goes with it…, and from those we certainly could say something. (The truth is that Pulp sticks, overall when, lets say, it amazes because of the format change or, better yet, like in this case, the change of field.)
From the phenomenon provoked by Fantasy, –enough. It just need that someone wants to watch it in order to increase the number.
This notes respond to another curiosity: Hole in ocean.



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