Border crossing: In dialogue with Celia Anahin

With: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz
There’re times when the subtle ways of an – so to say – invitation result particularly appropriate, an offer, the whole product of dedication, which in themselves signify a revelation, an alluring matter and, nonetheless – it seems – also merely a means for posing us in contemplation… and suddenly they confront us with – the proper fundamental issues.
Then it’s enough to respond with a minimum of delicacy in order to acknowledge that we’re engaged, deeply so. Though we ignore the exact moment when we yielded, and the way it happened, and where the “catch” was, and to what measure we have put ourselves inside it. Furthermore, the question of what is it
Such kind of insinuation, due to its brittleness, is very close to complacency, a nefarious thing; but from such closeness, it faces this, breaks the crystal of the representation’s mirror. It frees the air of its humor’s pollutions and makes way to the subject of our fragility, a certain propensity to be docile to specific flavors.
Celia Anahin’s images create an atmosphere that silences the entourage, that evokes, from its back, murmurs of faraway horizons, abandoned, in sunrises and evenings, to dreams – to forgetfulness.
It takes us away. Let´s go… astray with her.

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