Time in tatters: A dialogue with Tatiana Rivero Sanz

With: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz 



To follow the pulse of time. It is a way of saying. It mirrors ultimately a manner of understanding the issue of experience. In the end, it’s imposible to conceive memory as a ball of yarn, its images in a skein. Past and present live together. They work this way. In a single image, sometimes, is concentrated the possibility of something else. We do glimpse, so they say. It´s accepted too, more often than not, that the linear framework is valid when talking about evolving. Better to shake the case of our arguments, to contemplate the resulting sign, irrational motives already established.
Tatiana is moving rough the living room. Between her paintings questions surge.
I keep an image, always there… I descend to a basement; I open the door, and all is down there…

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