Into where we lose sight: A dialogue with Isaac Pelepko

With: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz
Lost sights, we say. We can begin with them, but Isaac Pelepko propounds from this point, among others, a spectrum of possibilities, a special wide one.
Maybe, the key is hidden among the silence’s tension of each scene: where the characters’ attention reposes is a moment, not a place.
A region that is, nonetheless, transparent.
The purpose is huge because in the middle of drama (interspersed with humor) he confronts us to the ultimate share of lucidity common to all. And, paradoxically, it provokes to trace an arch wide enough to embrace the question. As if that were possible.

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Like salt, and its shadows: A dialogue with Red Tweny

With: Lena Marin


The line, the stroke point to the pulse, but sometimes they speak for it. Tension, in these cases, is present throughout the finished work (which becomes a portal), recreates the process of its inception in reverse and reveals a purpose. A course.
If we remember that not all purpose implies necessarily knowledge, but always the urge to provoke a reaction, to confront and, in the best of cases, to question, then we can make ourselves an idea about how to open our senses to this wordless message.
With Red Tweny we have the opportunity to talk about this peculiar form of eloquence.

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Instants – fire: Dialogue with Florence Rivières

With: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz

To recognize, in different images, a variety of persons, of masks; – congruent temperaments.
The pretence is manifest. A charm by which a longer lapse of time fits into a capture – in which she herself, Florence, shapes – the scene. Seducing – a story. One that boils from the pair of eyes, the mouth, the gesture.
In this way, the interest in talking to her resides in the intensity by which she, in bringing forth the situations and therefore the possible questions therein, determines the character not only of her participation, but of the whole project.
It lures and provokes to ask: It’s all about posing…?


With Charlie Foster


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Light from the bodies: A dialogue with Mariska Karto

With: Juan Pablo Torres Muñiz
Light. As if it rises up thanks to a mysterious will, alien to each portrait’s character and more than simply an aura which would only come along. With her – a fragrance (through the restrained voice), and with it, – the temptation of coming near. The nest’s darkness is always the source. Where, maybe, lurks the hand-doer, only for warning us that we’ve fallen down. (Evasion is a different story.)
These images, anyway, warn us without notice: do not touch. But in the same manner we say perfumes we could say song, and thus refer to the characters as mermaids.
Mariska Karto – envelopes them in mist,
– exhibits them while breaking the mist.
In and from doubt, she tries to provoke.

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Toast from the cracks: Dialogue with Alejandra Alarcón

With: Luisa Deguille

It would be more or less easy to say of anguished glances before the images of Alejandra Alarcón. But this would imply that we had fallen, let us say, in the trap: We would say much more of ourselves than of the images, and only a little bit, at a glance, of the relation that it raises.
Light and color are her keys. They flow, however, as a sweet savor, of particular charm, crowning the date with that part of ourselves that always knew what the reality was about, from the very children’s stories, those in which elixirs and poisoned apples are offered.

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